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Top 9 Ideas / Strategies You Can Use To Close Your Sales Deal Faster This 2017

The very first thing that the businesses generally do is to look into the sales process understanding how to shorten and simplifying you can make it. And like any other game, there are rules of a sales process, especially when it comes to the process of closing the deals. A deal usually has several parts to go through, where the idea is invented and applied by one person, then is further accepted by the other and finally the closure.  The first two parts are generally considered to be easy compared to the last two ones. Given below are the top 10 ideas and strategies that will help you close a deal faster this 2017.

1.) Get Beyond Saying Yes:

Time is your energy. Once you have got your targets and agree to make a deal, try and move them as quick as possible toward getting them in writing. This is because of the narrow opening between yes signing in the dotted line creeping common sales problems like the second thoughts, competition, and the unforeseen events. So if you get a verbal expression of interest, then try and move into a verbal commitment as quick as possible to a written agreement closing the sales cycle.

2.) Knowing your competitive advantages:

Know who your competitors are and what their advantages are. Knowing the areas you are trying to be competitive can help you close deals faster and at a great ease. Have a research done on your products and services, your competitors and clients determining your advantages are to your client’s interest or not. Try and identify something that you have been doing and your competitors are not, as this is normally considered to be your biggest selling point.

3.) Creating a sense of urgency:

Have a deadline attached to the deal helping and giving the client an incentive to commit. Whether it’s a discount or something free do make them feel like they have an upper hand. This does not mean that you rush to the customer, it simply just means trying giving them an extra reason of why your product or service is the right choice. Remember the right choice is now.

4.) Being Real:

A client can turn out to make sense if you are being genuine during the entire sales process. In short, it will really make sense when you convey to the client that you really care about their business and this is not just your deal. Coming off too calculated can turn people off, however, remembering that there is nothing wrong with people being prepared. It’s ok to appear like you are ready for every question coming on your way just don’t tend you act like you don’t care about your customer’s interest.

5.) Watching Out whatever you are saying:

Do not put your foot in your own mouth. Keep it to the point and try focussing on your areas of expertise. You will have to be real and personable but remember also try and remain professional enough.

6.) Periodically checking for a close:

The close is generally considered to be a critical point. It is a point where you quit selling, getting the buyer to take action, and an exchange occurs. They obtain something that you have and you obtain something that they have. You must here constantly be able to check out for opportunities to use a close to moving forward. This here reinforces the concerns for your time and time for your prospects. Remember no one will ever win when you don’t close.

7.) Identifying the decision makers:

No matter what industry you are in, knowing who your decision makers are is very crucial to a quick close. Most of the times the decision makers will send someone else in fire learning all the information they care about your company. And if this is the case do make sure that you have your self-pub into the head of your decision makers customizing the sales pitch according to that person’s interest, even if they are not found there.

8.) Be ready to hear a No:

Every no from a customer is backed up by a reason, the prospect is not satisfied with your solution, or you did not ask him the right question, or you have not built the right rapport with them. When the prospects decide to buy a solution from you, it is because of the value proposition of the product and not the product itself. As a sales representatives if you have been focussing on what’s the outcome, and design ways to handle the objections, you will here not just increase the perceived value of what you are selling will lead you to high chances of hearing a yes from your prospects.

9.) Hitting on their emotions:

Decision making is generally backed up by a logic, and emotions are something that plays a powerful role considering how you can win over a client. As a trusted consultant you will here need to understand the prospects completely. Thereafter if you see the logic is not working and is not on your side, then an emotional understanding of the person sitting across on the table can give you to the edge. If you are able to get their emotions then you have got the deal. So try and ask some probing questions that will help you crack the deal at ease. Once you have hit on their hot button and feel that you have hit on their pain point then try and get more into it waiting for the right time.

To Conclude:

The very last thing you wanted to happen is your hard work and results gained through the sales cycles. So learn the techniques mentioned above as you will not just become a more effective sales closer bringing effective marketing results. Closing a deal is like eating the spinach as this offers you with something you may really hate to do, and doing it well can be the strength of you and your business – development efforts.

Article by:-  Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in Email Address Verification and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.


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