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Thank you for donating over $38,000 in Ars’ annual charity drive


Last week, I implored you all to give the last-minute donations that would make our tenth annual charity drive our most successful one ever. You did donate in record numbers, but we just barely missed setting a new record for total money donated.

All told, Ars Technica readers donated $38,738.11 to Child’s Play and the EFF through our 2016 charity drive. That’s just about $123 under the record-setting pace set in the 2015 drive, but well higher than every other year we’ve run the contest.

Over 660 of you donated this year, a new record that improves on the 615 that donated last year. That’s includes more than 100 readers who were able to dig deep and give over $100, nearly matching last year’s mark for “big” donors.

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