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Nintendo Switch accessories hint at day-one launch of Zelda, fighting game


Normally, a giant printout of upcoming third-party game-console accessories isn’t news. But when the system in question is the Nintendo Switch, which still hasn’t received a full reveal, the newsworthiness of things like screen protectors and AC adapters increases.

On Tuesday, a French Twitter user posted over a dozen pages of an internal document from the game-peripheral company Hori, and it contained detailed “working concepts” for products relating to the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. (While the leaker said he was unsure about the documents’ accuracy, at least one editor, from Let’s Play Videogames, has vouched for the leak’s accuracy.) Many of the details line up with what Nintendo already revealed in October, including a “March 2017” release window. Some of the tidbits tease launch possibilities.

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Source: Ars Technica – Technology

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