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Best Social Media Marketing Plugins For WordPress

Social media becomes the part of a day to day activity. People who are using the internet not only for work but to get an update on news, technology, fashion, business, etc., they share content in their networks as one routine activity. Social media marketing or sharing becomes easy just because of sharing plugins. Yes, before this plugin, users had to share links manually & it was quite boring. So here we are going to give you a brief overview of these social media marketing plugins.

1.) Monarch :

It is one of the best social media sharing plugin and well popular among bloggers. Elegant themes have created this plugin, but you need to buy the license from them. This plugin offers not only sharing buttons in various places on the site, but it will encourage the user to share your article. The plug point is you can add sharing buttons on mobile sites also. The features are – support all popular social networks, easy to use interface, trace shares likes & followers with statistics and much more.

2.) Social Warfare :

It is the most feature rich plugin at the moment. You can add stunning sharing buttons on your blog in various locations. There is also floating share buttons are available. The remarkable features are – you can add Pinterest specific image & description to drive traffic in certain industries. Another is you have the option to add tweetable quote boxes within your content. The plugin cost is $29, but worthy enough to spend on it. The feature list is quite long such as eye-catching themes, floating share buttons, track social shares with UTM tracking code, fully responsive and much more.

3.) AddThis :

This service started in 2004 & supports over 300 social media services. It offers a variety of icon sizes and designs. If you are registered user on their website, then you can see analytical data of user’s sharing. This plugin is free and there is premium service available at $12 per month for an additional feature like floating media sharing bar.

4.) ShareThis :

From 2005, ShareThis has been a great plugin in social media platform. It offers small and large icons and designs. Users can easily share their content on around 120 services. Analytical reports are provided on social shares and it has one feature called ‘CopyNShare’. This feature allows you to track when any user copies the web page URL.

5.) Shareaholic :

This is not just WordPress plugin, you can use it for various CMS. You can access eye-catching social buttons than usual, but you need to sing up to access all of the features. The great news is these all features are free. There is one default setting as popover appears after sharing. It will say “thanks for sharing” or any custom message and advertisement on below part. But site owner can turn it off whole popover or and advertisement. You can control the share counts display.

6.) Easy Social share :

Easy social share is the perfect alternate of Social Warfare. No doubt this is also premium plugin and it will cost around $19 and the best thing is you can install it on multiple sites. The updated version of this plugin has many cutting edge features. One of them is A/B testing on button’s placement and trigger buttons to show based on user’s action.

7.) Ultimate Social Deux :

The main attraction of this plugin is its look of modern design. It uses light JavaScript & CSS to make buttons lightweight. It loads faster because it doesn’t use iFrame. So page loading speed increase. These buttons are responsive, which is the most demanding feature of any plugin. It’s widgets allow you to show social media profiles with the number of subscribers. They offer 5 types of placement – top or bottom of each page, top or bottom of each post and float.

8.) DC Simple Share :

As you know site’s loading time is the remarkable factor in site ranking. So you have to choose plugin which will not increase page loading time. DC simple share button plugin doesn’t load JavaScript or any other external script, so it will not slow down your site. We include this plugin because of its simplicity.

You just need to choose right plugin for your blog or website according to your requirement. Here we share both free and paid plugins. Hope you like our little effort on social media marketing plugins. If you have any other plugin name, then please comment it and share with other users also.

Article by: Janki Rathore likes to write content, social media sharing and make an animated video on various topics. She works as a content curator, video maker, and business developer. You can follow her on google plus and LinkedIn.