Artist Creates 12 Makeup Looks For Each Zodiac Sign

Forget about checking your Horoscope. Instagram makeup guru Setareh Hosseini has combined beauty and astrology to produce breathtaking, other-worldly looks for each Zodiac sign, and we can’t even decide which one is the fiercest.

Setareh, who goes by the username starlit_makeup, is a Toronto-based professional makeup artist with over 90-thousand followers on Instagram. Her Zodiac series has proven to be particularly popular, as she uses a variety of techniques to make each look more realistic than the last, from fake horns to penciled freckles.

What’s your sign? Let us know in the comments, and tell us if you would try any of these bold designs.

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#1 Sagittarius

#2 Taurus

#3 Leo

#4 Scorpio

#5 Gemini

#6 Cancer

#7 Virgo

#8 Libra

#9 Aquarius

#10 Capricorn

#11 Pisces

#12 Aries

Source: Demilked – Entertainment


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