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6 Reasons Why You Get No Traffic on Your Blog

You’ve racked your brains and you came up with a blog you had high hopes for. Now you start to wonder why you are not getting much traffic. Everything is set up right but the Google analytics on your page does not reflect your hard work. Well, there could be a number of things that you haven’t done properly. And in this post, we are going to discuss six of them with possible solutions.

1.) Your Blog Is Boring

This has to be the number one reason why you don’t get enough traffic to your blog. Your posts are boring thus you do not attract an audience. It may also be that you talk about things that people don’t care about or have no interest in thus, you are not tapping into any particular audience that has the same interests as you. If this is the case, then there is no way you will attract a huge number of readers to your site. Let’s say you like cats and that’s all you blog about, but not all people like cats. Some like dogs, some don’t even like animals at all so you will have limited yourself people, which like only cats.

It is also possible your posts were written with errors and this is very bad. The people as rule don’t like to read text with a large number of mistakes. So you always have to watch out for this.


Come up with trending or viral topics such as tech, games, movies, food or anything popular at that particular time. Talk about what is currently happening and make your language simple to understand for your audience. This way, people will always come back to your blog as they know you are reliable in delivering timely content to them.

If you need to decide the problem with your grammar, you can address for the help at special online proofreading service. For example, Grammarly.

2.) Poor Design

Your blog design has to be attractive. Not many bloggers are the artsy type so being creative might probably not be your strongest suit. Nevertheless, that should not be an excuse for poor design. Your audience must have something good to look at, that’s how they first get attracted to your site. If you have a design that turns away the audience, you can be rest assured that no one will bother looking at your content no matter how good it is.


If you’re not good in programming, get a friend who is, especially in front-end programming (HTML and CSS) to make your site/blog really appealing to the reader’s eye. If this can’t do then, download web templates and modify the details on the HTML code. There are various online tutorials that teach how to do this. Still, you can get a freelancer to do that for you. If you still feel that this is too technical for you, use WordPress or blogging sites that come with ready built in templates.

3.) You Have No Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence in these days is as import as breathing, without it the chances of you getting jobs or been recognized are minimal. This also applies to blogs. If your blog has no social media presence, how can it be possibly known? How can people get a hold of you if they don’t know you exist? Having a social media presence is important as this will make it easier for you to be accessible to your audience.


A blog should have its own social media page where people can be notified when there are new contents on it. Just having a social media page, though, is not enough. You also have to share the page widely and vigorously, and you can best do this by buying Ad Words on Google or by boosting your post on Facebook. This assures you that more people will be reached by your page thus increasing your audience by a great margin. Never underestimate the power of social media, it is a great tool and don’t be afraid to use to your advantage.

4.) Not Focusing On Several Subject Simultaneously

A blog which talks about everything isn’t a blog, it’s an equivalent of a newspaper. Your blog can’t be about food today, tech tomorrow and the next day be about sports. It doesn’t work that way. You need to narrow it down to one particular niche that can be explored together with your readers. Having one particular subject helps in that people will know what type of content to expect from your blog.


They best solution is to come up with a particular subject to know what interests you and your readers. If you are into tech then let your blog solely reflect that, be a tech blog. If you like food blog about that, if music is your thing then go ahead and write music reviews. This way people will know that when they come to your blog they’ll get some something specific rather than a collage of topics.

5.) Not Posting Frequently

Having a blog and not posting frequently is a recipe for disaster. If you post let’s say once a week or once a month, that isn’t enough to warrant you a huge number of visits to your site. You need to post a lot and more frequently – at very short intervals, to keep your blog updated.


Depending on your niche, you need to post frequently, preferably on a daily basis. Some blogs such as news blogs require that you post every hour! Blogging is time-consuming, at first. You need to come to terms with this. For this to work you have it means you might need to be a full-time blogger plus have a social media following and also follow the relevant sources in accordance with your subject. Alternatively, get freelancers.

6.) Not Been Focused

As previously highlighted, for blogging to work it has to be a full-time thing, at least when you’re starting. Doing it part time won’t yield the best results. If you have other things going for you and blogging is the thing you do to pass the time, then don’t be surprised that you’re not getting a lot of traffic. Invest a lot of time at the beginning. In time, once the blog has peaked, things will be much easier and you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


You need to focus solely on this that’s the only way you will increase traffic to your site. Once you make blogging a full-time job you will soon realize how much content your site has since you decided to do this full time. Your social media following will increase by multiples and so will your revenue if you’ll have monetized your blog. So, if you decide to go down this path make blogging your new full-time job and be the employee of the month.


These six points are just some of the reasons why you’re not getting good results with your blog. The solutions are not set in stone either, some may work for you, and others may not. The list is by no means comprehensive, there are so many ways to increase your blog traffic. Keep on blogging, do your research, share more on social media, and be creative. Happy blogging!

Article By: Christina Battons, blogger and freelance writer, who is interested in topics about education, writing, blogging, motivation, etc., likes to share my knowledge with people. Currently, I write for various blogs. My free time I spend with my family, friends, or riding my bicycle. You can follow me on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


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