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7 different ways you can win up the game of Social Media this 2018

Social media continues to have a powerful impact on the business you are dealing with this 2018. And it’s really important that you know all the latest trends and the most effective method in order to grow your business. And in order to win the game in the field of social media, given below are the 10 different ways you can use to stay ahead of the competitors.

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Newyear new look: Have a look at your visuals as you begin to plan out the strategy for 2018. Have ur headers, profile pictures, and information updated related to your business. Also, make sure that you have been consistent enough on all the social media platforms.


Building a stronger relationship: Try and build your online presence by engaging with your audiences and responding to their comments, or by engaging with their colleagues on LinkedIn. A post or a share can help you go long way to build relationships. A post or a share can go a long way in building a stronger relationship.

Spending some amount of money: For a minimal amount of money you can boost up your posts, and try getting some exposure from it. A good tip is to boost up a post that has been performing well from the beginning. You will turn out to be paying less for per impression, and supercharge a post that people still wish to read in.

Live videos: Another most important social media trend that you should be using this 2018 is the live videos. According to some of the major insights revealed by Facebook says that people continue spending more number on time watching live videos, rather than the pre-recorded ones. Not just this there has been more engagement with live videos rather than the normal pre-recorded videos.

Mixing it up: Haven’t ventured into the land of Instagram yet. Have a look to see what your competitors are doing in order to stay ahead. Check out the platform they are using and the number of followers they are having. Doing this might lead you to a new social media platform that you might not have come across till date.

Working smarter not harder: Scheduling your posts in advance will not just save your time, but would even allow you to focus on quality content writing. A software like HootSuite can help you stay organized with it.

Increase user stories: Facebook and Instagram stories have turned out to become popular even in 2018. It is important for the content strategist and marketers to generate content that will not just be directly posted in their accounts but to their story as well. Users who have many accounts will take huge time to view their posts but will take seconds to go through stories being shared.

To conclude 

No matter what business you are dealing with social media does play a very important role. Try out the above mentioned 7 strategies and let us know how they have turned to work out for you. So what other strategies would you like to add above? Do leave your comments below.

Article By:  Gurpreet is a content marketer, a writer by day and reader by night. She loves to keep her self-updated about the Indian film industry as well as the upcoming films, stories, gossips as far as there is some information in terms of political and entertainment inside. You can connect with me at upcoming cinemas to stay connected with the Bollywood world.


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